Interview with Susanne Durst

susanne_durst_02.jpgSusanne Durst is Associate Professor at the School of Business at University of Skövde (Sweden) and Professor of Business Administration at Universidad del Pacífico (Peru). Before joining academia, she worked in different positions with private enterprises of different industries and size. Her research interests include small business management, SME business transfers, knowledge management, knowledge risk management and corporate governance. She has been conducting several national and international research projects on company succession, corporate governance, and knowledge management in SMEs and public organizations. Her work has been recognized through different awards, including the Transeo Academic Award in 2012 and has been published in international peer-reviewed journals. Susanne is part of an international network of researchers interested in developing the fields of knowledge management and innovation management.

Paper Published in the Journal of Innovation Management:

Durst, S., Edvardsson, I. R., & Bruns, G. (2013). Knowledge creation in small building and construction firms. Journal of Innovation Management1(1), 125.

Journal of Innovation Management: Professor Susanne Durst, thank you so much for your kind availability for this interview! Would you share with our readers what has actually followed the research published in this paper?

Susanne Durst: We continued studying small building and construction firms, turning from knowledge creation to knowledge retention.

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